Our values and their implementation are of great relevance to the daily business of Nugolo’s employees. We do not look upon our code of business conduct as a book of rules imposed from above, but as the living proof of what we ourselves hold dear and take personal responsibility for. This is why Nugolo advocates the highest moral standards with regard to trust, ethics and accountability in everything it does and in all relationships.

Progress is a top priority for Nugolo. Thanks to user-friendly products and state-of-the-art solutions adapted to their entrepreneurial needs, we are always a step ahead of our customers’ high expectations. This is possible because we employ highly qualified staff and use the knowledge transfer between our customers and employees as a key element for our own innovation potential.


Our daily aspiration is to combine expertise and performance with a high level of interpersonal competence. We practise transparent, honest dealings and always look at our services through the eyes of our customers. By setting your high standards as our benchmark, we grow with the challenge – resulting in greater benefit for you personally.